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ISOCKET LIMITED has redefined her values and service deliveries by using the up-to-date technlogies to satisfy the need of her customers.

In pursuance with our corporate mission and objectives, we are offering our corporate and individual clients services in the following areas:-

Web Administration

  • Website Design & Development
  • Domain Name Registration & Hosting
  • eCommerce and mCommerce Design
  • Website Turnkey & Maintenance

eBusiness Strategies

  • eBusiness Design & Strategies
  • Portal Technologies & Development
  • Credit/Debit Card Integration
  • Point-of-Sales Integration
  • Online Security System

Automated Card Payment System

  • Automated Fare Collection for Public Tranport (Road, Rail and Ferry)
  • Electronic Toll Collection System
  • Electronic Car Park Collection System

Online Real Time

  • Webcasting/Online Video Streaming (On demand & Post Live Video)
  • Mobile Phone Live Video Streaming
  • Online Video Conferencing


  • IT Management
  • Online Marketing Services
  • Project Management


"Having an enthusiasm beyondthe job we are suppose to do, keeps us at the forefront of the industry."

Our Online Ancillary Services



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