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ISOCKET Banking Portal Solution

ISOCKET Customer Banking Portal is a comprehensive solution that provide a profitable and suitable e-Business and 24/7 services to satisfy the esteem customers of the financial institutions.

Customers' spare time is now at a higher premium than evrr before. Despite the technological advances in the workplace, people work harder and have less time. The old days when it was mandatory to visit the bank for all of one's fianacial dealings, even withdrawing cash, are coming to a close. people wnat to do their banking when and where it suits them, and they don't to wait.


New communication and delivery channels such as the internet, WAP phones, kiosks and digital TV are fast becoming preferred avenues of banking for many of your most profitable customers. Beside being equipped to provide convenient, efficient, pesonlized service at all hours of the day, they are well suited to gather and store all sorts of valuable information about the people interacting with you. You can target financial products such as loans, mortgages, ATM cards and innovation savings plans to the right prospects at the perfect time.


Specifically tailored for the banking industry and other financial institution, ISOCKET Customer Banking Portal consolidates your customers' view. It provides electronic management and automation of registration, requests and all subtasks across your enterprise, encompassing new accounts, funds, transfer, bill payments and correspondence. In a virtually paperless system, you can interact with your customers segments, complete slaes, increase your understanding of customer behaviour and follow up new leadss, almost without lifting a finger.


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