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ISOCKET Biometric, Access Control and RFID System provide the latest non-intrusive biometric access control security solutions. These biometric access control security products incorporate fingerprint, face, iris, voice, signature recognition, smartcard. These biometric technologies can be used separately or together in one powerful package to meet your entire authentication and identification needs.

ISOCKET Biometric Solution also offers customized application solutions that allows integration of our biometric security software with your existing Information Technology infrastructure and physical institution structure. Administrative office where security is vital and access to certain areas must be controlled and monitored, there should be access control systems that allow organization to manage and monitor all access points and locks, allowing for auditable security and quick responses to any security breaches. When we consider about Security the distinct ways are Authentication, Authorization and Access Control.

ISOCKET Biometric Solution with a Biometric Access Card/Finger Print Sensor, Keypad and a PIC Micro controller (PIC16F877) can be used for authentication of a person in the office administrative system. A computer that is connected to the micro controller unit determines the authorization and Access control rights.

After the validation process is over, the user will be asked which specific areas/particular office they are going to, and their full details such as Names, Company/Department, Full address of visitor/Department of Staff and the office they are going to etc., of users will be provided from the front desk. Each detail will be stored into a RFID smart/access card and can only be assigned to a particular office. Access will not be granted when user want to use the RFID smart/access card to visited other offices which he/she is not assigned to.


ISOCKET Biometrics Access Control and RFID System is a system that is comprised of various security devices and components has the following features:

  • Live Finger Detection: Special electronic circuit is built into the fingerprint scanner access device so that only live fingerprint will be scanned and the fake fingers made from silicone rubber, play-doh, etc. will be rejected.
  • It can take up to 3 fingerprints per user.
  • It also supports MiFare Cards; each device has an in-built MiFare card reader and writer.
  • It supports 5 access control methods, i.e. access control with:
    - Fingerprint only
    - Fingerprint + pin
    - MiFare card+Fingerprint
    - MiFare card only
    - MiFare card only + pin
  • Each device has a standard Ethernet interface, hence it can be networked
  • Door control: 1 Door Strike, 1 Door Switch and 12VDC/1.5A
  • Access logs can be viewed using a web browser
  • Access logs can be exported to Excel or text format
  • It can operate in both Standalone and Network mode


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