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ISOCKET EduPortal & E-Learning Solution

In today’s world, technology is growing at an extraordinary momentum; as such governments, businesses, institutions and industrial operations are compelled to adopt the latest technological innovations to enable them operate effectively and in compliance with modern developments trends.

Undoubtedly, the need to have an educational portal and e-learning system for the administration of student’s admission, registration, fees payments, examination and result processing, hostel accommodation etc, remains highly imperative as this technological trend have been widely accepted, implemented with operational status in most schools across the globe. However, with the vast computer technology resources and enterprise solutions running contemporaneously, school management will be made a lot easier and convenient to administer at different operational levels.

ISOCKET EduPortal® & E-Learning Solution has embedded modules, which performs specific operations and online processing task, such as:

  • Admin Module:

    This module is designed to manage the entire result processing and uploading operations of the proposed system. This module will only be accessed by authorized personnel's of the institution with high clearance level in conjunction with our company's authorized personnel.

  • Result Processing Module:

    This module is responsible for the processing of the student results. All printing and output/report generation tasks are carried out in this module.

    The RPM enables school to:

    • Provides examination managements/officers with a robust application for the processing, deployment and publishing of results.

    • Manage assessment results in a professional and defensible way to convert them into meaningful data for the institution and students (e.g. grades, certificates, other measures of achievement)

    • Provide an easy and effective system for the generation and transmission of school’s transcripts.

    • Reduce to the barest minimum, the rate at which results are been manipulated in the school.

  • Student Result Access Module

    This is the front end module of the project. It's the gateway for all students, parent/guardian access level mode across the internet and other mobile technology access (SMS etc)

  • Database Server Administration Module

    The database server administration module is the backend driving wheel of all database processing tasks and operations carried out in the system. In this server, all records of students, PIN (Personal Identification Numbers), Pass codes, login details, examination papers, results, course registration etc, are stored and actively managed using robust enterprise database management tools and techniques.

  • Mobile Deployment Module

    This is a grand defining phase of the proposed project, which takes result access for the institution to the next level through enterprise mobile computing. This module will interface with Mobile telecommunications networks providers across the country to enable student’s parents/guidance, access results via their mobile phones through integrated Short Message Service (SMS) services.

  • E-Learning Module

    ISOCKET e-Learning Solution is a robust web based Learning Management System and authoring application that enables schools to enhance their pedagogical approach and make learning easy for the student. The application has modules that are useful for the school authorities, lecturers and students’. This enables student’s of higher learning to do most of their course work, assignments, project work and even test on the internet.

    Students’ can upload assignments and download lecture notes from their lecturers’ page. It also provides avenue for lecturers to grade or score assignment, test scripts and also compile semester continuous assessment. This e-learning software is integrated into our EduPortal® solution, thereby lecturers’ can login with their name and password and also students of your institution can login with their name and matriculation number to have access to any of the e-learning modules.

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