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ISOCKET Intranet Portal Solution

ISOCKET Intranet Solution is a comprehensive suite with over 40 apps and 100 features and functions. This extensive suite has been design specifically to help businesses streamline internal processes, enhance productivity and improve the way your business communicates. With all the benefits of a business turnkey solution, and adaptability of a superb offering, ISOCKET Intranet set the industry standard for versitility.

Our priority is to offer the best Intranet software and make it accessible to every company, which includes small small and medium enterprises (SMEs). With ISOCKET Intranet solution, your employees will be able to learn from themselves, leveraging the knowledge that exist in your organisation, build strong network and encourage the exchange of new ideas.

Features Apps

(i) IIS CMS (ii) Workflow (iii) Document Manager (iv) IIS API (v) Social Media Integration (vi)Enterprise Search (vii) Online Forms (viii) News (ix) Comments

Business Apps

(i) Meeting Room Booking (ii) Employee Training (iii) Contacts Manager (iv) Extranet (User) Manager (v) Travel Agent (vi) Brand Manager (vii) Company Calendar (viii) Survey Manager (ix) Digital Assets Library (x) Process Tool

Communication Apps

(i) Wiki (ii) Peaple Search (iii) World Time (iv) File Express (v) Project Space (vi) Localization (vii) FAQS (viii) RSS News feeed (ix) e-Newletter (x) Document manager

Content Management Apps

(i) Layout Manager (ii) Image Library (iii) Check in/out (iv) Version Control (v) Push Notifications (vi) Image Maker (vii) Enterprise Search (viii) IIS Desktop Assistance (ix) Statistics Reporter


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"We encourage an innovative environment. So when companies work on our software, they have the freedom to try different solutions"

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