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ISOCKET iDocs Solution

ISOCKET iDocs Solution is a web-based solution for businesses to leverage the communication power of the internet to reduce costs and improve cash flow, increase operational efficiency and enhance customer relationships. This comprehensive solution enables organizations to electronically present their statements, bills or invoices and receive payments through their website, twenty-four hours per day, seven days a week. The system effortlessly handles simple bills and statements to large complex business-to-business statements and invoices of multiple types securely and conveniently.

The iDocs Product:

  • Supports all major credit cards, debit cards and bank cards from pre-authorized account debits
  • Supports user definable workflow for invoice processing
  • Provides a scalable and cost effective system
    Implemented quickly without a large upfront investment
  • Extensive administrative audit functions
  • Offers detailed reporting functionality
  • Based on state-of-the-art web technology

ISOCKET iDocs Product:

  • Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment (EBPP)
  • Electronic Invoice Presentment and Payment (EIPP)
  • Electronic Statements Presentment (ESP)

ISOCKET iDocs Features

  • Reduce Billing Costs & Delivery Time
  • Avoid Delayed Invoices & Payments
  • Improve Cash Flow
  • Automate Customer Self Service
  • Enable Effective Customer Communication
  • Increase Brand Awareness & Loyalty
  • Customize Marketing & Cross Selling Opportunities
  • Increase Operational Efficiency

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