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A team of educated, dynamic, purposeful and well trained staff with vast experience in software development, database admistrator and e-business solutions are managing the company.

ISOCKET LIMITED has well over 100 qualified and experienced staff and 50 external consultants. A well-groomed academic and practitioner group, and secretary assisting the heads of the company. Our indigenous developers are talented, innovative, competent and highly skilled team who can prove their worth at anytime and anywhere they are required.Below are some of our few key management staff of the company.

Chief Executive Officer
OLATUNJI   ADEOYE Vice President/
Executive Director
Chief Technology Officer
FREDRICK AYODEJI Chief Financial Officer
DODOIYI WILLIAM-WEST Chief Marketing Officer
TOLULOPE AWONIYI Human Resource Manager
JACOB ADEWALE Business Development Officer
HEPHZIBAH EBITU (ESQ) Legal Adviser//Company Secretary


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"One of the key to our success is listening to what customers want and stay current with the evolution of technologies, even while keeping our core values."

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