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ISOCKET Airport Management System

ISOCKET Airport Management Software enables airport managers and maintenance worldwide to react to changing conditions of the air traffic market and include it in the airport's short-term, medium-term, and long-term planning processes.Since the system's architecture is based on a modular approach, clients can decide what model fits best to their individual requirements.

Flight Schedule Forecast

  • Scenario based forecasting tool to generate short term oriented flight schedule traffic forecasts
  • Flexible forecasting time horizons, data structures and analyzing levels
  • Model based on long time experience in the aviation industry

Long Term Forecast

  • Scenario-based, demand-driven econometric forecasting model
  • Bottom-up vs. top-down methods, including external influencing factors (e.g. ticket fares, tourism development, economic growth, etc.)
  • Flight Event Generator: automated creation of flight schedules based on long term forecasting results

Revenue Planning

  • Automated and dynamic aviation revenue and business planning based on traffic forecasting scenarios
  • Simulation of alternative tariff and incentive scenarios (e.g. emission-, peak-, or luggage-based pricing) based on statistical data or forecasting scenarios
  • Benchmarking of worldwide airport charges and tariff structures

Capacity Planning

  • Interface between traffic forecasting and capacity planning
  • Dynamic evaluation of traffic peaks
  • Various analyzing levels focusing on air- and landside capacity restrictions
  • Simulation of capacity scenarios (e.g. effects of airline/ concourse shifts at an airport)

Non-Aviation Planning

  • Combination of the airport's and the concessionaire's data into one single database
  • "Total Flight Value Concept" as an indicator to evaluate aviation and non-aviation revenues per flight
  • Automated non-aviation optimization (e.g. pricing of retail property / shop rents, advertisements, parking lots, etc.)
  • Basis for operational decisions taking into account the "Total Flight Value" (e.g. to determine future gate allocation)

Traffic Statistics

  • Innovative tool for analyzing statistical traffic data and setting up customized reports
  • Real-time analysis of traffic data
  • Standard reports for "ad-hoc" queries; flexible "Query-Builder" for creating individual queries and reports.



"With our Business Process Management Software, business managers can identify key performance indicators (KPIs) in real or near real time in a manner that helps business managers make more timely and well - informed decisions."

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