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ISOCKET Business Intelligence System

ISOCKET Business Intelligence Software (IBIS) is an operational business intelligence platform that features a powerful data mashup engine for the creation of dashboards, visual analyses, and reporting. The unified, easy-to-deploy, easy-to-use business intelligence solution maximizes self-service and serve both enterprises and solution providers.

ISOCKET BI Software is a complete system that include, reporting, dashboard and data access layer. It leverages a powerful real-data mashup and presents information through interactive dashboards, enterprise reporting, scorecards and exceptional alert.


ISOCKET Mobile BI is a platform where business information can be accessed on the move, either in the meeting or at home. The solution is necessary for organization seeking competitive advantage. Improving decisions access through data that is always on and easy to access is becoming strategically important for business executives.

ISOCKET Mobile BI create intant access to dashboard and report through an intuitive touch-enable browser, monitor and inspect business performance on your mobile devices. It also build new reports or dashboards on the move with full featuredad hoc design environment.

FEATURES OF ISOCKET Business Intelligence

  • Drill down/up
  • Graphs, charts and trees with custom drill down
  • Pivot table
  • Custom calculations
  • Web portals with RSS feed
  • Query wizard expertise
  • Distribution reports with XML publishing
  • Export reports in diffent formats (PDF, XLS, TXT, HTML)
  • Dashboards with KPI reports

BENEFITS OF ISOCKET Business Intelligence

  • Helps align the organiszation towards its key objectives.
  • Enables faster and fact based decision making
  • Combines multiple sources of data for decision making
  • Efficient collection and distribution of vital data and statistic
  • Eliminate guesswork
  • Get faster answer to your business questions
  • Get key business metric reports when and where you need them
  • Get insight into customer behaviour
  • Identify cross selling and up selling opportunities
  • Learn how to streamline operations
  • Improve efficiency
  • Learn what your true manufacturing costs are
  • Manage inventory better



"With our Business Process Management Software, business managers can identify key performance indicators (KPIs) in real or near real time in a manner that helps business managers make more timely and well - informed decisions."

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